Self Portrait Lip Synch

Finished self portrait model, textured, created facial rig, blendshapes and animated it to a lip synch file. A final project for my last semester in AAU. 

this guy

Soo I have to model myself for class... this is the wip.


trying out this new method to share my 3D models. here is an old model I made for class awhile back....

click and drag to rotate.. middle mouse to zoom in/out. you can even check out the wireframes! pretty awesome!

Hades Character Sheet

Finished my character concept for my modeling class project. My character concept of Hades in a more modern, urban setting.

turntable 1st wip

Ok, so this is the start of my turntable. (Project for school)  I had to eliminate the tree design because I thought it took a little away from the character model, also am pressed for time.  I might just add the stump in there to provide some sense of the roots


This is the turntable concept I made for my version of Hades, the character that I will be modeling in 3D for a school project.  Basically it's zeus' grave, and that's his corpse being strangled by the o-so evil tree.